The Staten Island Divorce and Mediation Center is here to provide affordable Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Law and Divorce Financial Analysis. We are experts at making disagreements and divorces less stressful, more efficient, and much more affordable. Couples CAN dissolve their partnerships fairly and quickly … without going to court.


Divorce isn’t easy but it can be financially fair.


The Staten Island Divorce Mediation Center was established to offer couples a
no court” alternative to divorce- a resolution without litigation. SIDMC provides mediation and divorce financial analysis and counseling services to divorcing couples who prefer to have a peaceful parting of the ways. We know it isn’t easy to maneuver the emotional and financial challenges of divorce. Our goal is to help maintain the integrity of the family while allowing the couple to divorce within the guidelines of the law. SIDMC offers Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law Services so couples can dissolve their partnerships fairly and quickly … without going to court.


Our reliable, trained professionals get you through this challenging time, via a collaborative approach - resolution without litigation.


Each one of our associates at the Staten Island Divorce & Mediation Center is a trained professional in their field attorneys, social workers, and even certified financial experts, all with specialized training in the area of divorce mediation and collaborative law. The goal of our center is to show couples how to work together, despite the bad feelings that are often present during a divorce or separation. When one family ends a new family begins.


To learn more about the SI Divorce & Mediation Center, please contact us to schedule a Consultation.