Equitable Distribution in New York

Equitable distribution of the marital assets is the basis for dissolving the property and financial instruments of your marriage. The process can be complicated however, our experienced lawyers at the Law Offices of Lisa Giovinazzo   will guide you through it with minimal stress while we diligently protect your interests and financial stability. In New York, equitable distribution is determined by a fair division of property. This does not mean an equal division of property. We will work closely with you to devise an agreeable solution to the division of property in your case.

Separate vs. Marital Property

Marital property, is defined as all assets acquired from the date of marriage until the date of filing for divorce or entering into a separation agreement.  Even property that was acquired and titled to only one spouse, if purchased during the marriage, is considered marital property.  It also address marital debt which is all debt acquired under the above parameters.