A “New Family”

MediationOften couples seeking to divorce focus on the dissolution of their current family and do not consider that after divorce they may be part of a “new” family, especially when children are involved. One of the main focuses of divorce mediation is to insure that your “new” family is one that works for everyone especially your children.

Every parent wants to protect their child from the tension and trauma of divorce. However, children often get caught in the middle – perhaps there are certain loyalties to one or both of their parents, they feel they are caught in the middle and perhaps even when not asked have to “take a side.” Common sense tells you that your children need shelter from these feelings. It also tells you that they need a both parents to be able to work together for best interests of their children, no matter what, rather than parents who are bitter enemies, or unwilling to interact with one another as a result of a messy divorce.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation-

  • Mediation is a “no court” alternative to divorce.
  • The goal of mediation is to reduce conflict and enable the couple to negotiate their own settlement.
  • Mediation is for the couple that wants to maintain control of their decisions and not have a court make decisions for them.
  • Save Time and Money (Typically the cost of initiating a divorce can be upward of $5,000.00 – $10,000.00 for each spouse’s attorney just to get started) Not to mention the cost of stress and anxiety that is involved in litigation.
  • Improved relationships between children and both parents, as both parents decide and agree on what is right for their children.
  • You make your own informed decisions about your divorce and what your “new” family will look like.
  • Privacy as you works out an agreement in an open, cooperative atmosphere.
  • Ability to resolve future issues in your agreement, such as changes to your parenting plan, as children grow their needs may change- you can return to us and we can help mediate changes even after the divorce is over.
  • An informed process, so that each person fully understands the consequences of their decisions.